Covid 19 restaurants reopen guidelines

Every restaurant is different on how they will handle the covid-19 reopen guidelines. All of us here at Ichiban Sushi are taking this very seriously. Our primary goal post Covid-19 is to ensure our staff and our customers have a SAFE and enjoyable environment.

The problems that will result
if you have protracted, massive unemployement are significant in the realm of health, in the realm of social costs and of course in the realm of economic actvity."- --Governor Ron Desantis

Governor Ron desantis allowed Restaurants to reopen at 25% capacity on May 4th and now we will be moving to 50% capacity Dine-In on Monday May 18th, 2020.   

We have prepared Ichiban for the new normal by issuing safety and cleaning protocols for our staff. 

We are building on the already established best practices for restaurant health and safety.  We have dedicated santization stations for both staff and customers and all staff inside the restaurant is required to a wear a facemask. The four primary areas of concern for us are the following:

-Food Safety

-Cleaning and Sanitizing

-Employee health mnitoring and personal hygiene

-Social Distancing 

We'll get through this together as we approach a new sense of normality.